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Romania: the story of a massacre


Official confirmation
This site is the story of how a mass murder started...
Beaten to death
A survivor of atrocities
Victims of street shooting
Atrocities on the streets of Bucharest
Atrocities all over the country
European rescue missions
CERVENIA: a desperate rescue operation
Danger of rabies? No, just a provocation!!!
Express your view! Romanian authorities are sensitive to the oppinion of foreign citizens on what is happening in Romania!
Victims of street shooting

Ion Viorel shot at least 9 dogs... Here are pictures of some of the 7 who died.


Some citizens of Bucharest followed the example of violence and cruelty of the Mayor Traian Basescu: police confirmed that a man, Ion Viorel, shot several dogs on Matasari Street in Bucharest, on April 20, midnight, with a rifle for hunting. He was retained by neighbours but police released him several hours later, giving him only a fine for illegal use of arms.




All these dogs had been neutered, vaccined and marked (see the collar). None ever harmed anybody. They were gentle and friendly. They have been killed in cold blood from a range of less than 10 cm from the rifle.


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It was revealed that Ion Viorel and a friend are also the authors of another similar series of shootings that had occurred one week before. Both incidents followed public appearences of the Mayor Traian Basescu in which he announced his resolution to kill all dogs.




Ion Viorel is 42. He is a former professional basketball player.