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Romania: the story of a massacre


Official confirmation
This site is the story of how a mass murder started...
Beaten to death
A survivor of atrocities
Victims of street shooting
Atrocities on the streets of Bucharest
Atrocities all over the country
European rescue missions
CERVENIA: a desperate rescue operation
Danger of rabies? No, just a provocation!!!
Express your view! Romanian authorities are sensitive to the oppinion of foreign citizens on what is happening in Romania!
Atrocities on the streets of Bucharest


These corpses were found in a plastic bag at a garbage collection point in Bucharest. The muzzle and paws are cut in a professional way indicating that the fur was skinned for commercial use.



While there is no evidence yet of the direct involvement of the CityHall in this activity, the authorities did nothing to investigate the case and identify the authors.


Dogs poisoned with strichnyne on Ozana Street in Bucharest, tens of meters from one of the City Hall shelters. They reached the vet clinic too late. Tens of other dogs were found already dead on the street.