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Romania: the story of a massacre


Official confirmation
This site is the story of how a mass murder started...
Beaten to death
A survivor of atrocities
Victims of street shooting
Atrocities on the streets of Bucharest
Atrocities all over the country
European rescue missions
CERVENIA: a desperate rescue operation
Danger of rabies? No, just a provocation!!!
Express your view! Romanian authorities are sensitive to the oppinion of foreign citizens on what is happening in Romania!
Official confirmation

Police chief confirms responsibility of the City Hall for atrocities


From an article published on Saturday, August 4, 2001 in "Jurnalul National", one can learn that Col. Vasile Popa, Chief of the Public Order Service in the Bucharest Police, confirmed that it is the City Hall led by Traian Basescu that is carrying out the mass poisoning of dogs on the streets of Bucharest. He also confirms the violent conduct of the dog catchers against citizens opposing cruelty. Conclusions follow an inquiry on the death of more than 50 dogs in less than 48 hours, in a district of Bucharest, where by chance there were several witnesses able to identify the cars involved in the night operation.