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Romania: the story of a massacre


Official confirmation
This site is the story of how a mass murder started...
Beaten to death
A survivor of atrocities
Victims of street shooting
Atrocities on the streets of Bucharest
Atrocities all over the country
European rescue missions
CERVENIA: a desperate rescue operation
Danger of rabies? No, just a provocation!!!
Express your view! Romanian authorities are sensitive to the oppinion of foreign citizens on what is happening in Romania!
European rescue missions

Dogs are saved from the hands of Romanian authorities


Lulutza, handed over by a Romanian volunteer (foreground)and the vet (background) who saved her from killing, into the arms of the German animal lovers who prepare a proper life for her.



Hardy 'Knuddelbacke' and his brother Tilo, on May 13, saved six dogs from among those condamned to death by Traian Basescu and gave them the chance of the life they deserve, in Germany

More about hand-und-pfote


Mouthy, heading to a proper life, in Germany. Click bellow for the story of Mouthy

A survivor of atrocities

Mouthy's new address, in Germany

This is the European way of treating dogs. But where is Romania heading to?