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Romania: the story of a massacre


Official confirmation
This site is the story of how a mass murder started...
Beaten to death
A survivor of atrocities
Victims of street shooting
Atrocities on the streets of Bucharest
Atrocities all over the country
European rescue missions
CERVENIA: a desperate rescue operation
Danger of rabies? No, just a provocation!!!
Express your view! Romanian authorities are sensitive to the oppinion of foreign citizens on what is happening in Romania!
This site is the story of how a mass murder started...

And here is how it continued: in mid July the Bucharest City Hall (dr. Razvan Taru) announced that more than 8000 dogs have been killed by its services. The total number of killed dogs is at least double, taking into account the poisoned ones as well.

More than 130 dogs are killed daily in Bucharest. On Asokha's site came quite a number of messages informing that killings occur all over Romania, by the most atroceous means. ALL THESE KILLINGS ARE CARRIED OUT BY THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES, WITH THE COLLABORATION OF THE CENTRAL AUTHORITIES. Countless acts of cruely against animals carried out by private individuals can be added to round up the picture of a country ... in full process of accession to the European Union.

In only three months, the streets of central Bucharest have been almost cleared of dogs. That proved that the huge numbers advanced by the authorities to justify drastic measures where shear lies, just as the animal protection groups accused from the beginning. But who cares anymore? The Romanian mass media supports almost entirely this atroceous massacre. Killings continue all over Romania as you read this message...